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Senior Photography Season Is Late but Finally Here!

I had big plans this winter to create a new website, retire all the old client galleries and move on to a cleaner platform for selling images. Covid hit and we all went on lockdown. GREAT! Plenty of time now right? Wrong! I spent a solid two months creating yard signs and banners for the class of 2020. I fulfilled endless orders for parents who were heartbroken for their college and high school seniors (and 8th graders!) missing out on their graduation celebrations. Now it's mid-June and most schools have had online and drive through graduations. Now it's time to focus my attention on the rising seniors - the Class of 2021. The class who missed junior prom, college visits, SATs and who's college planning future is unknown at this point. I'm hoping and praying they are able to enjoy some of their senior year without masks and social distancing. I hope they get to do late college visits to make the right decisions for their future, and have the ability to celebrate their final year with their friends, experience prom, and senior trips. That said, I worked hard to get my new site bare bones up and running to kick off a late start to the senior photography season. We will keep our distance, but we'll still be laughing and enjoying this special time capturing these seniors at a most important time in their lives. As I have a senior myself, I am especially attached to this class and plan to do everything in my power to make their senior sessions completely memorable! Contact me ASAP to get your senior on the schedule.

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