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Senior Emma | Shrewsbury High School | Class of 2021

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Class of 2021 Senior Emma - I've been photographing Emma (and Otis!) since they were little. We met down at the bottom of the Clinton Dam and had a gorgeous night...although if you look at the length of Otis's tongue, you get an idea of how HOT it was! Another special session to me and I loved hearing about her college plans. My sweet Emma looks so beautiful - she's on old soul - you can see it in her eyes.

This rising senior class really has a unique set of challenges ahead of them and it's weighing on them. If you cross paths with a current senior - go easy on them. In-person colleges visits are on hold (indefinitely?), they have no direct access to their counselors and teachers, they haven't been able to take their SATs, and they are supposed to be able to get out college applications in the fall...all while trying to stay sane with limited access to their friends and family. My sweet seniors - if you run into one or know one, do something special for them.

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